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1.) This is Josh with his groomsmen and their pipes! He gave them all pipes as a gift. The handsome guy just to his right is my best friend and big brother, also named Josh. (Ladies- he’s single… just saying)

2.) My dad and I about to walk down the isle. We were both choking back the tears! 

3.) We said ‘I do’ and sealed it with a kiss!

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To all my new friends,

Hello everyone! My name is Bre and that’s my husband Josh. I don’t know where to begin. I’ll start by saying thank you. Thank you all for the overwhelming love and encouragement you have been pouring over Josh and I, thank you for finding beauty in our special moment and thank you for sharing that with others. 

I can’t  begin to tell you how honored I feel that God has given us the chance to share our story with so many people. For all of you who have messaged me and asked questions please be patient, I do plan to respond… If I’m being completely honest I am just figuring out how to use Tumblr :-/. I never intended to keep an active account, I just thought this would be a great way to share our story. Though I’ve since realized what a cool opportunity this is to connect with people. 

Since I created this blog in response to the picture going viral great things have happened! The photo is all over social media, facebook, pinterest and tumblr (though I’m sure it’s elsewhere I just don’t use any of those ones)! Our story is going to be featured in a magazine called “An Encouraging Word” but I’m not sure when it will be published.

I also just got off the phone with a reporter from New York times!! She asked me all about the photo and a little more about our story. She said it will probably go up today and she will send me a link as soon as that is published, I will repost it here if you would like to check it out. :-)

So many of you have asked such great questions and I plan to blog soon and fill you in on life after the wedding. I am also going to post more pictures of our incredible day for you to see! 

Many have also asked about other social media, you can follow me on instagram! My name is brecurtas. BUT I’M WARNING YOU NOW, I’m not a very good instagrammer, I rarely take pictures of my meals or sunsets and I take a lot of pictures of my babies. (Konan (dog), Kimba (puppy), Kierra (kitty) and Keena (kitty). Yes I know they are all K’s… I went a little crazy with that okay?! :-)

I look forward to connecting with you all! 

Best wishes, 

Bre and Josh

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I made this blog because a photo of my husband and I has gone viral on the internet. I wanted to share the story behind the photo for the hundreds of thousands of people who found inspiration through this sweet moment we had.

The Story Behind the Photo

Moments before I was to walk down the aisle my soon to be mother in law came in the dressing room where my bridesmaids and I were all gushing with giggles and fluttering about finishing last minute details.

"Sweetheart, your groom has called for you!".

In a nervous tizzy I said, “What?! I’m not ready! I have to get my shoes and…” She had already taken my hand and led me to a corner, where my groom was waiting. I barely sat down; I was filled with so much anticipation! So much excitement! So many nerves!

"Is he going to like my dress? Does my hair look pretty? Can he see me?!" 

Right around the corner sat my soon to be husband, I so was nervous he might see me yet secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of him. In my excited state I was the first to speak,

"Hi sweetie! We’re getting married today!"

"I know baby and I want to pray with you before we do." 

There we sat around the corner hand in hand, and together we bowed our heads. People were rushing about; the wedding coordinator directing people here and there, the photographers snapping photos and the bridal party enjoying each others company. Yet in that moment, in the quietness of our hearts and minds, my husband and I were alone in the presence of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

My husband prayed that God would bless our marriage, that through thick or thin together we would never lose hope in one another. That instead of focusing on each others imperfections we would always rely on Christ’s perfection. That we would wake up every day and chose to love one another not through our own strength but by the power of Christ’s perfect love.

With our hands clenched tightly to one another together we said “Amen”, both with shaky voice and just like that I was whisked away to blot the tears off my face and put on my veil.

After my bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law and every other girl in the room had finished zipping, curling, tucking and blushing me up I looked in the mirror. There I stood wearing my pure white wedding dress, ready to walk down the aisle to my Prince Charming.

See, he is not only my Prince Charming because of his incredibly handsome looks, or wonderful humor, or the fact that we have so much in common. He is my Prince Charming because he helped me protect the most precious gift that I owned, my purity.

Soon after we had started dating I nervously told my Prince that I was a virgin and planned to be until the night of my wedding; to which he replied he would have it no other way.

Throughout our dating relationship and engagement we constantly fought, what at times felt like a losing battle. We fought temptation with prayer, scripture and accountability. I had friends checking up on me if they knew we were together late at night and he regularly met with other Godly men to pray for strength. At times, especially as the wedding grew closer, we thought we were attempting to do the impossible.

“Why are we doing this?” I would ask in my weakness, and he would remind me, that it’s because God had told us too.

“I can’t do it, I can’t… this is too hard!” he would confess to me and I would pray for his strength.

When I walked down the aisle in my white dress, I looked straight into the eyes of the man that had laid himself down to protect and honor the wife that God had given him.

When his eyes first caught mine he looked into the face of the woman that had waited for him, the woman that would support him and love him for the rest of His life, through good times and bad.

I share all of this because in that prayer we prayed, which was captured here on camera we asked the Lord to use our wedding to bring Him all of the glory that He rightfully deserved. We had not gotten where we were by our own strength, but by His hand of protection on our relationship.

God has used this photo to inspire hundreds of thousands of people already and for that we are humbled and honored! I wanted to take it a step further and give God praise and thanks for how we arrived at that quiet corner, holding hands and ready to begin our lives together.  

(photo by the incredible Kim Burke,